A night of experimental music and art based on Mira Varg's Artwork - 'Foetus Techno' 

‘Foetus Techno’ is the inspiration for the night, and an expanded version of this work has been commissioned by Edited for this event only. See the original installation - http://miravarg.com/foetus-techno/ 

In the main room, the night is curated to move through three different musical stages. Harmonic Conception to the Introduction of Rhythm to an Intense Release.

All live acts, all night, including; Ewa Justka, Graham Dunning, Dane Law, Aurelia Trojanovska, Kazimierz Wieliczko, Patricia Puertas, Max Reynish. Lighting design by Louis Shambles. 

‘Rave is the flagship of today’s shamanism. It indicated a gathering of people who dance to synthetic music with the rhythm of 120 beats per minute - also the heartbeat of the embryo in the womb. It explores the connection between the embryonic womb state and techno/acid house music. There is something more to dancing, perhaps we enjoy it because it subconsciously reminds us of our embryonic womb state.’ - Mira Varg