Viktorija Grey, Oihana Dachary & Elina Muceniece - On Nothingness

On nothingness is an experimental participatory art project, exploring the concept of nothingness from different perspectives of communication. By making sense of how nothingness is defined through contemporary points of view by interviewing people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds on nothingness aims to construct a new portrait of this abstract concept. Inspired by the principle of Internet culture, all participants are equally able to contribute to the project. Large and diverse range of people have already been interviewed and offered to contribute to the project by describing their subjective thoughts on nothingness as well as the general concept of nothing. The outcome essentially depends on the ‘voices’ and ‘visions’ of the participants. Essentially, nothing cannot exist. Thus, the project is paradoxical in its nature - nothingness is materialised in thoughts and words automatically changing the concept of nothing to something. This also reflects in the presentation of the project, which does not have one set form and shifts through many different forms of media. Project has manifested itself in the forms of an interactive website, prints and moving image offering a fluid interpretation and adapting to the portrait of nothingness as defined by the participants as well the spaces this project is exhibited in. On nothingness is an ongoing practice, if interested in participating get in touch.