Edited Arts 001 - Extended 

Edited’s debut release EXTENDED invites musicians, artists and designers to consider the idea of the extended self. 

EXTENDED brings together new experimental work, ranging from algorithmic avant- pop through power ambient to new club. 

Charity donation on Bandcamp - Pay what you want and support the UK's leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health (youngminds.org.uk) - editedarts.bandcamp.com/releases 

Audio Stream on SoundCloud -soundcloud.com/editedarts/sets/extended-ea001 

Visual Stream on Youtube - bit.ly/EAytextended 

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the music. Thank you for listening. 

Master - James MacPherson EA001 

All Video Artwork - Alex Buchan / www.instagram.com/alx.000000/ 

Album artwork - Eliza Gromova Gulbe /www.instagram.com/gromovagulbe/