Mira Varg 

Mira Varg - Self Reflection

Mira Varg is researching the extensive power of human mind; what allows us to see the recesses of the different ‘dimensions’ that surround us. Her practice revolves around art that creates occurrences that challenge our perception and understanding of our normal reality.

Her work revolves around creating abstract and surreal imagery, sculptures and installations, through experimental techniques and methods. Through combining objects and symbols, of which the outside world would not think to link, she creates her alternative universe. 

Edited Arts commissioned Mira to expand on her project Foetus Techno which explored the connection between the embryonic womb state and techno/acid house music. Together, Edited and Mira Varg conceived an experiential night taking the audience on a journey from conception, embryonic gestation and the intense release of birth through set design and auditory experience.