Ivelina Ivanova - Silent London

An impressionistic take on the essence and importance of nightlife in the context of a contemporary metropolis: the intensity and coldness of the big city versus the liberation, frivolity and creativity of the clubbing scene. An observation-based animated reality of the creative underworld of London in the age of the digital, synthetic and abstract. A celebration of community’s instinctual need for unity through dance. Outside of the club stretches out a vast city scape of urban mundanity. Inside the club, the borders of reality become blurry to open up truths outside of representation. Ivelina was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to a Russian-Bulgarian family. She grew up in Sofia where she first started developing her interest in art, starting with drawing, painting and illustrating until she moved to London in 2014 to study animation. Currently she is based between London and Sofia. Coming from a mixed family and living in several countries at once has influenced Ivelina’s films, which are often inspired by urban spaces and their sociological and psychological impact. Her works are mixed-media, combining a variety of techniques including stop motion, digital cut-out and watercolor rotoscoping. Her 2016 short film PANELKA, a comedy inspired by the lifestyle of Communist era residential blocks, was selected for two international animated film festivals: Linoleum in Ukraine and Animated Dreams in Estonia. Her aim for artistic development is to build up on the skill of melting the border between digital and analogue aesthetics to achieve alternative modes of representation.