Harmonic Conception - 

Maxwell Owen Reynish - Multi-instrumentalist and sound artist. 

Observing spatial awareness through an innate understanding, facilitating accession through this conversation . Allowing Freedom to reconnect to our stillness and enter altered states, Building present contact to each environment we move into through ancient relation, communication with plants and natural medicine by self-initiation and exploration.

Patricia Puertas - Patricia is an experimental sound artist and designer of Colombian heritage, residing in London, UK. After completing a BA in Graphic and Media Design, Patricia is doing a Master of Research in Communication Design at the Royal College of Art, focusing in new technologies and rhythm, as tools for supporting the well-being of children with autism.

Having performed at the British Museum and Royal Academy of Arts, Patricia’s live sound performances move on a fluid canvas of field recordings, samples, grooves and live improvised sounds, that are also present on her DJ sets that mix a variety of ambient rhythms, heavy percussion and smooth grooves (depending on the mood/context)

Patricia co-curates audio-visual platform Sense and works for Experiment Intrinsic. https://www.patriciapuertas.com/

Kazimierz Wieliczko - Kazimierz’s music practice is focused on communicative aspects; while performing gives space for mistakes as well as new ideas, marking specific context related to the audience as well as himself. Often he questions dogmas or copies them blatantly. Somewhere between cacophony and harmony. 

Dane Law -‘Exploding pop and techno into cathedrals of euphoric shattered tones' - The Wire. https://soundcloud.com/thedanelaw / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVkW1uVTbDw&feature=youtu.be