Ed Hands and Alex Buchan - I Can't Describe it in a Short Space of Time


Single screen audiovisual piece portraying a triptych of degradation using over 3000 scans. Edited frame by frame, the project reveals degradation in the narrator Ian, a sufferer of Dementia, and in Ian’s former home with which the scans depict in a state of degradation and transition, and in the recording instrument itself; the flat bed scanner whose ability to create shadow is almost nil and its ability to focus is limited to the millimeter. The piece is a visuoperceptual exploration; it encourages the viewer to identify and perceive, something a person with dementia deeply struggles with. The piece also explores the disconnection between remembering and memory and as a consequence the merging of imagination with the remaining memories. This is done through an exploration of the physical space in the visuals and in the memory space in the audio.

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