Dougie Chalmers - Signage

My current practice has began to unravel around altering commonalty that invites scrutiny across the work itself and allowing that to bleed into the quotidian. This piece has less of a focal point of display, operating in a more deflecting, agglomerative sense; the art being represented in the experience of immersion in combining atmospherically set elements and what is, perhaps not seen. In a materialistic sense, the work has reached a point of juxtaposition where the authenticity of the form is simultaneously genuine and deceitful. This reflects the conflicting and confusing nature in the processing of information in a digital age where nearly everyone has access to the same media with homogenous contention held throughout hermetic factions where the ‘truth’ is as impressionable as the groups reciting it.

There is a utilitarian process being utilised to evoke an expanded narrative of refl ecting false information in the everyday and the way we consume it. Expanding on these themes in a sculptural sense while exploiting the comfortable manner in which the consumption of information is carried.