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A1 - Katie Mitchell, Molly Harding, Rupert Earl, Rodrigo Vargas - Virtual Officer 

Expanded media installation, designed to create a 3D illusionary effect. Initially developed as a visual installation documenting a night-shift worker, the piece is constantly evolving, being re-contextualised for the environment it is set up. 


A2 - Anni Katrin Elmer 

Born and raised in Switzerland. Graduating from Central Saint Martins (MA Photography) at the end of May 2017.

As an artist, I develop pieces that speak both to me and others about the limits and limitations that exist in our perception of life and the world in the posthuman era. I explore our self-made construct of life and its discrepancy. I intend to raise awareness of our blind spots when it comes to our very own human being.


I’m no longer on the search for truth, but for meaning. Lately I have been exploring Google Earth, a virtual space that offers me a ready-made image of the construct world as we see and perceive it. In Where To? (2017) I scan a virtual fragmented landscape - starting from my home, scattering in all directions, merely stimulating my eye-brain - in order to get somewhere. But where to? 

I find myself in a world without bodies and missing information.