As part of Deptford X Fringe. Edited brought to you a free evening of sonic journeys and mesmerising visuals. Original pieces from a range of local artists, covering a broad palette - Spectral jams / downtempo electronica / hardware based rhythms / homemade instruments / exploratory ambient. 
Taking over the historic arches underneath Deptford station, BUSTER MANTIS provided the perfect location for a night of audiovisual harmony.


William Primett -

Animism ii - A performance piece that challenges the subject’s relationship with expressive movement and augmented environments. This iteration of Animism utilizes a range of tangible technologies to develop tender soundscapes with laborious methods of interactions.


Kerley -

Kerley - Mistreats software and hardware, with an aim to produce music that usettles and confuses both creator, and subsequently, audience. His monthly NTS Radio show confirms this.
"a strange jumble of grime, musique concrete and tape loops that brings to mind Hype Williams’ best work.” - Bleep
"It's like some cheeky choose-your-own-adventure mission set in the cutest recesses of youtube" - BoomKat


Ario -


Whetting our appetite was label-head of Astral Industries. With origins linking back to Iran, London-based Ario is a practitioner of deep and inquisitive music - both as a DJ and label curator. Depending on context, he traverses the lines and forms between ambient and heavier, club-ready styles. Speaking with an emotive sensitivity, there is a certain self-awareness that permeates his crafted soundscapes, which are as much drone-inspired as they are psychedelic and nature driven.


Ben Fehr & Liam Cutler -

A contemporary electronic pairing from London, having started working together in 2016 their self-titled project pursues deep electronic sounds, working with modern textures along side unconventional composition to create rhythmic and melodic soundscapes. Often collaborating with visual artists in live situations, the pair work to create an immersive experience through audio-visual shows and cinematic songwriting. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 17.16.23.png


Begg -

Begg has developed from a sincere love of synthesizers and sound exploration, each gig is approached differently. Learning from each show and adjusting the output for a new audience, the objective of each show is to take the audience on a journey with him, give them something safe and recognizable then hit them with something unexpected. 
Influence comes from all directions, most notably in the last year working at London Modular has been a massive influence on the output. Working almost exclusively with a small modular synth, Begg tries to create a patch that can move in different directions based on how the feeling of the night is going. Almost all of the performance will have elements of improvisation, producing unexpected results and even surprising himself.