Edited Arts strive to discover under-represented talent. As we grow we aim to ensure that our events represent a wide variety of individuals, especially those who are often marginalised in the mainstream and underground. By hosting events with conceptual themes, unconventional line-ups, multidisciplinary art works and visual art we aim to broaden perspectives and stimulate conversations.

In this section you will find our ever expanding selection of artists who have worked closely with us and make Edited Arts happen.


Shiva Feshareki is a composer & turntablist. Winner of the 2017 BASCA British Composer Award for Innovation.  Her work explores the sound of electricity through a wide range of practises and collaborative processes incorporating classical methodology.

Samuel Kerridge, with his signature sonic arsenal, stands alone in the worlds of rhythm and noise. A singular artist, his music is to be appreciated on its own terms.

Loraine James, a master at crafting organic textures through inorganic means, she effortlessly blends Electronica and Math rock with whispers of jazz and post-rock all wrapped up in the artists key avant-garde aesthetic and sensibility.

Louis Shambles is our frequent lighting guru; offering a variety of circuit based lighting performances. His collaboration with Edited as solo artist and as part of musical acts is vast.

AJA is a Nottingham Based noise artist with a unique form of live performance. Her sets consist of irreverent soundscapes with surreal and symbolic presentation. Her engagement with the crowd is hard to explain but quite simple to understand.

Graham Dunning is self-taught as an artist and musician having studied neither discipline academically. His live work explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects. He also creates visual work, video and installations drawing on these themes.

Mira Varg's work revolves around creating abstract and surreal imagery, sculptures and installations, through experimental techniques and methods. Through combining objects and symbols, of which the outside world would not think to link, she creates her alternative universe.

William Primett is a designer of immersive content, taking inspiration from nature to ground the human body within the digital realms of sound art, graphics and theatre. Moving onto a Masters in Creative Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, he seeks to use this approach to investigate methods for accessible interaction for enhanced virtual experiences.

Douglas Chalmers is a multimedia artist currently studying a Bachelor in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. He predominantly produces installation, sculpture and video work. His latest practice consists on the study of space related to cultural expression.

Mang is a visual artist and producer originally from Norwich but now based in London. His multimedia practice makes it hard to place him within a certain movement, but his artwork often treats topic of human-technology relations and the digitisation of beauty.

Ario is the creator and producer of Astral Industries. His performance consists on the exploration of patterns and musicality in downtempo and IDM.

Alex Buchan is Edited's resident designer and visual art creative. His conceptual artwork consisting of three dimensional design and installation relates to topics of technological development and it's impact in abstract art, specifically in the field of minimalism.

Code Breaker and Noise Maker AG C00P3R is a sound art engineer and producer for Edited. His curatorial skills and live performances demonstrate a great understanding of the music technology and contemporary music culture.

Keiken Collective - Comprised of alumni from Falmouth School of Art, co-founded by Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos, have enjoyed success since graduation and regularly provide opportunities for recent graduates and current students to collaborate with them. Autumn and winter 2017 saw Keiken engaged in projects around the UK.

Shelley Parker's bass frequencies, live audio feeds and found sounds are recurring themes within her performance, installation and music production. Her distinctive style, encompasses elements of old school hardcore, noisome techno and electro and have led her to perform in venues as diverse as Fabric and Tate Britain. 

rkss is an alias of Robin Buckley, a London based sound artist.They hold German and UK passports. Their releases on UIQ, Alien Jams, Conditional and more have explored the materiality of film sound, YouTube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music.

Cultures of Resistance Films is a project of Caipirinha Productions, Inc. The mission of the project is to create and distribute films that advance public awareness about issues of social and economic justice, and that showcase creative efforts to promote peace and protect human rights.

Sangam Sharma is a graduate from The Fine Art School of Vienna. She creates fantastic work with musicians, audio visual feasts, opaque sounds shape films where sound, space and story merge and become one.

Ivelina Ivanova is an illustrator and animator originally from Bulgaria. Her mastering in both analogue and digital animating techniques, plus unique vision of contemporary human culture within a digital context make her projects the perfect balance of abstract and literal.

Ben Fehr & Liam Cutler are producers for Edited and duo performers within the electronic and ambient music genres. Their variety of influences make their distinctive sounds harmonious and melodic for both analogue and digital music followers. 

Lizo is a modular and mechanical sound art creative originally from the United States. His multi-genre performances bring us back to the pioneering of algorithmic music with clear influences of hard and industrial techno.

Joel McMordie is a Belfast based sound artist and performer. His current productions consist of alternative analogue techniques for feedback looping, that result in what can be described as robotic ethereal. Dabbling in the ambient genre, it's quite hard to situate him within a specific category of the experimental arts.                                            

Edgar Titterton is a spacial artist specialising in installation work, exploring lighting and the effects of refraction in the conversion of space. His use of material gives the artwork a hypnotic feel, with vestiges of futurism. 



Jamka is a London-based electronic maverick girl-boy duo, forging a rhythmic whirlwind of fractured structures, unfolding the mind into kinetic space for the body music to come.


Matilda Skelton Mace is an artist working with code & light. She is a resident in Universe of Tang. Her artwork consists of intricate circuits that collide with light and space. 


Alex Billingham is a genderqueer performance artist based in the West Midlands. He makes performances which sit between endurance, visual arts and installation. It’s visceral and usually physically exhausting pushing what his body can take. He focuses on pushing the physicality of his body in different ways. 

Antonio Roberts is a new media artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. He uses technology-driven processes to explore issues surrounding open source software, free culture and collaborative practices. 


Lia Mice is an experienced tech-noir creator and a pioneer of experimental pop, that has performed all around the world in various unconventional spaces. She is currently producing her third solo LP.


Raimon Bolibar is a photographer who's practice draws a line between social documentary and abstract contemporary photography. 


Lily Hudson is a multi-medium practitioner currently studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Her clear conceptual vision and brave use of material make her a force to reckon with in the interactive media and immersive art movements. 

Jeph Vanger is a sound artist from Greece currently based in Brighton. His research consists of alternative sound systems, whilst his live performance demonstrates versatility in terms of the understanding of dance music.


Psychiceyeclix has been creating music since 2001. Making 6 EP’s/albums released on various well established labels. He uses hundreds of different instruments/devices, and does not believe in any one style or technique.


Typeface, a minimal project from Martin J Thompson (Pokk!, SM-LL label founder), focuses on the sonic exploration through various practices and ideas around artist's particular interest in typography.



Precocious Mouse is a multimedia performer. The visuals presented with his live performance are often simple, abstract patterns with no more than two tones, but in conjunction with his mastering of the ambient and minimal, they become healing harmonies for the spirit.

Shedload Theatre is a production company whose output covers a number of theatrical disciplines from children’s plays to experimental gothic horror. Founded in 2014, it mostly operates in Cambridge and Norwich, with managerial branches in London and The North. 

Monica Tolia is a fine artist currently exploring the field of spacial art. Her abstract sculptures dominate the field of metal work and offer minimal silhouettes appropriate for a large variety of spaces. She is currently studying a Masters of Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London.  

Rodrigo Vargas is our resident photographer and designer.